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ER Treatment for Pneumonia on the Central Coast

For pneumonia, your doctor will commonly recommend antibiotics, over-the-counter medications, and plenty of rest if you are a healthy adult. Severe pneumonia symptoms, especially for infants and those with medical problems or a chronic illness, require emergency care and hospitalization.

Call 911 or seek emergency care if your pneumonia symptoms include a high fever, confusion, gurgling in your throat, difficulty breathing, or wheezing. Bluish fingernails and lips also can indicate a more serious case of pneumonia.

For personalized care with humankindness, visit a Dignity Health Central Coast’s ER if you or a loved one is experiencing serious signs of pneumonia on the Central Coast of California.


Diagnosing Pneumonia Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast

Pneumonia and influenza can both cause fever and overall fatigue. Your doctor will suspect pneumonia, however, if you have chest congestion and coughing with difficulty breathing.

Healthy adults can see their doctor or visit an urgent care for pneumonia. Those at greater risk for severe complications from pneumonia should seek emergency treatment.

To provide a complete diagnosis, your doctor will:

  • Talk to you about your medical history
  • Request blood tests and blood culture for germs.
  • Perform a physical exam to listen to your lungs
  • Order an X-ray to look for infection in your lungs
  • Examine your sputum and blood culture for organisms


Pneumonia Treatment for Your Well-Being

Dignity Health Central Coast doctors will treat you with dignity, care, and respect as you heal from pneumonia. Your pneumonia treatment also may include supplemental oxygen to get more air into your blood and bronchodilators for help breathing.

Our doctors will help ease your symptoms while eliminating the infection. Getting you healthy and back to active living remains the focus of our emergency team. Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast for personalized pneumonia care and treatment.

Dignity Health emergency doctors treat pneumonia throughout California’s Central Coast with humankindness.