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Focused on Your Healing with Wound Care on the Central Coast

If you’ve had surgery for a medical condition or experienced a deep cut or serious burn, your wound can have difficulty healing fully. When your wound bleeds, swells, or turns red, along with fever or chills, you should seek emergency care.

Medical specialists at Dignity Health Central Coast provide care for these types of wounds and more. Immediate, personalized care for an infected wound on the Central Coast can be found at one of our ERs.

Our caring medical team will help you heal by addressing your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.


Wound Care with Humankindness at Dignity Health Central Coast

Wound care at a Dignity Health Central Coast hospital is provided by a team of caring doctors, nurses, and physical therapists. Along with your physical healing, our health care providers offer care for your mental and spiritual healing.

Our wound care take place at one of our hospitals. Procedures and treatments for wounds can include:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases oxygen in your blood to stimulate healing.
  • Compression promotes healing by improving blood flow.
  • Artificial skin covers your wound like your own skin to promote healing.
  • Negative pressure therapy creates a vacuum with a special wound care dressing to improve your blood flow and eliminate fluid.
  • Debridement eliminates dead tissue so healthy tissue can grow.
  • Growth factor therapy promotes cell growth and healing.
  • Ultrasound uses sound waves to stimulate your healing.

Some wounds can take weeks or months to heal. Throughout your healing process, discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your care team. Restoring your health and well-being is always a part of the treatment plan.

Have questions about a persistent wound? Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health for answers and more information on wound care stages on California’s Central Coast.

Dignity Health provides emergency care for wounds on the Central Coast of California.