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Care with Kindness for Parkinson’s Disease on the Central Coast

Parkinson’s disease affects the nerve cells in your brain that help you control and coordinate our movements. Parkinson’s disease occurs when nerve cells in the brain no longer function properly or start to die.

Are you experiencing tremors and need more information about Parkinson’s disease stages? Guided by a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect, our Dignity Health Central Coast doctors are ready to listen and provide treatment options for symptoms.

Find a Doctor today to learn more about living life to the fullest with a Parkinson’s disease prognosis on the Central Coast of California.


Parkinson’s Disease Causes & Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast

Dignity Health Central Coast neurological doctors understand that Parkinson’s disease symptoms create challenges with physical movement. The most common symptoms and signs of Parkinson’s disease include: 

  • Tremors of your legs, hands, or face
  • Voice tremors
  • Poor balance
  • Slow movement
  • Stiff muscles in your legs, arms, or torso
  • Experiencing difficulty coordinating movements

While Parkinson’s disease mainly affects someone who is older than 60, this progressive and chronic disease can begin much earlier for some. Parkinson’s disease is considered a complex movement disorder. The loss of nerve cells in the brain that occurs with Parkinson’s disease causes a drop in dopamine, a chemical that allows nerve cells to communicate movement.

A few gene mutations appear to cause this movement disorder. Parkinson’s disease can run in families. It’s possible that a combination of environmental factors and genetics also play a role. Some gene mutations, for example, are not inherited, but can be a risk factor in developing Parkinson’s.


Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease

Although there is currently no way to prevent or cure Parkinson’s disease, researchers are learning more about this neurological condition every day. The Parkinson’s disease treatments available at Dignity Health Central Coast are focused on controlling symptoms and improving your quality of life.

Therapies for Parkinson’s disease may include medications to increase the brain’s dopamine levels and surgery to implant a deep brain stimulation (DBS) device that blocks the nerve impulses that cause motor symptoms such as tremors. Complementary therapies, such speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, can help with a range of functions, including walking, muscle tone, and voice problems.

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor can help you manage your symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Contact us today.

Dignity Health Central Coast offers quality care for a range of movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, on the Central Coast of California. 

Care with Kindness for Parkinson's Disease on the Central Coast