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Stay Healthy with an Annual Exam on the Central Coast

For good health and overall well-being, all women should schedule an annual exam. Dignity Health Central Coast gynecologists perform preventative screenings during annual wellness exams to protect your health so that you can continue to enjoy life’s best.

Gynecological procedures commonly included during a woman’s annual physical exam are a pap smear and pelvic exam. During this visit, you can discuss with your doctor family planning, fitness and nutrition, sexual health, and any other health concerns.

To schedule an annual gynecological exam on California’s Central Coast, Find a Doctor today at one of our convenient hospital locations near you: 


What to Expect During Your Well Woman Exam at Dignity Health Central Coast

Annual exams give you the opportunity to talk to your Dignity Health Central Coast women’s health expert about your health goals. Your doctor will discuss your overall health as well as unique women’s health needs, which may include: 

  • Medical history review to talk about your overall health and follow up on any other medical concerns
  • Family planning, if you are planning a pregnancy or need birth control options
  • Exams and screening tests for depression, safety, substance abuse, and regular recommended women’s health screenings such as breast exams, Pap smears, and STI/STD tests
  • Immunizations for any vaccinations you may need such as influenza, HPV, and booster shots

The goal of an annual visit to your doctor is to prevent an gynecologic conditions and protect your overall health. Health screenings can help prevent problems or find them early stages when they are most treatable. 

Dignity Health Central Coast women’s health doctors and nurses usually spend 25 to 30 minutes with you during your annual gynecological exam. Prepare for your annual exam ahead of time by writing questions and concerns down for your doctor.

Schedule an appointment today to invest in your health and well-being with an annual exam.

Dignity Health cares for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs during your annual exam on California’s Central Coast.