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Prevention & Early Detection with a Mammogram on the Central Coast

Mammograms are tests that check for breast cancer. Your doctor may recommend a mammogram when you are between the ages of 40 to 45 for a number of reasons. Mammograms help diagnosis any abnormal findings in a breast exam, and also help screen for breast cancer, even if you don’t have symptoms.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, we know it’s important to provide mammograms as a way of preventing breast cancer. Find a Doctor online and schedule your mammogram on the Central Coast for your continued health and well-being.


Preparing for Your Mammogram at Dignity Health Central Coast

Mammogram is an important part of women’s health. Monthly breast checks or self-exams to detect any changes in your breasts are equally important in the fight against breast cancer.

A mammogram takes an X-ray of your breast. A skilled radiology technician at Dignity Health Central Coast will place one of your breasts on a mammogram machine, pressing it between two plates while you hold your breath.

You can best prepare for your mammogram on the Central Coast by taking the following steps:

  • Wear pants, shorts, or a skirt, as you will not have a shirt on for your mammogram.
  • Avoid scheduling the test right after your period, as your breasts are sensitive during this time.
  • Do not use deodorant, perfume, or powder.
  • Bring past mammograms to your scheduled appointment, if you are at a different facility.
  • Tell your health care professional if you have breast implants.

After the radiologist reviews the mammogram images, you may need to return for an ultrasound or other tests. Your doctor will contact you with the results.

Mammogram is a very simple gynecologic procedure. You will be back enjoying your daily activities immediately after your test. Contact Dignity Health Central Coast to schedule your next mammogram, as well as other recommended cancer screenings for women.

Dignity Health wants you to stay healthy by scheduling a mammogram on the California Central Coast.