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Nepenthe Walking Trail

This walking trail at Mercy Mt. Shasta provides a peaceful place for reflection, prayer and meditation.

Nepenthe (pronounced Ne-pen-thay) is an ancient Greek word meaning anything that makes someone forget their sadness and sorrow.

The Nepenthe Walking Trail is a unique, wheelchair-accessible healing path winding through the hospital grounds, and includes streams and ponds, picnic tables and benches. Along with being a place of introspection, it’s also a great place to exercise, bird-watch, sketch, and take photos.

A Photographer's Paradise

During the spring and early summer months, Canadian geese and mallard ducks can be seen strutting along the trail, swimming in the ponds, and teaching their fluffy off-spring how to swim and fly. Wildflowers bloom in the late spring and summer months. During fall, the trail is aglow with the bright golds, reds and oranges from the many hardwood trees along the path. Winter brings a special type of beauty, as the surrounding grounds are blanketed in snow. You can also take in the magnificent views of majestic Mount Shasta.

Learn More About The Nepenthe Walking Trail

Please call (530) 926-6111 for more information.