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During Your Stay

Helping you enjoy your stay

During Your Stay

Having to check in to the hospital can be stressful, and we want to make it as easy as possible.

What to Bring

Please bring only the minimum essentials with you. If you are anticipating an overnight stay you may bring personal toilet articles and containers for storing health aids (eye glasses, contact lenses, hearing devices, etc.). Personal articles may be stored in the drawer of your bedside table. Limit your extra clothing to a comfortable dressing gown or pajamas, a robe and slippers.

What Not to Bring

Please do not bring actual medications to the hospital unless instructed to do so by your physician. All medications required to treat your illness will be carefully dispensed by the hospital pharmacists and administered by nurses. Please bring a list of medication you are presently taking. With permission from your doctor, however, you may bring items such as nitroglycerin, eye drops and antacids.

Due to fire and safety regulation, this hospital prohibits patients and their visitors from bringing any electrical appliances into the hospital including electrically powered radios, televisions, razors and hair dryers.

Other Information

Advance Health Care Directive Information 
Additional information is available upon request. Simply ask your nurse to notify Social Services or Spiritual Care Services to assist you with this document. If you already have an Advance Health Care Directive, please bring a copy with you. If you would like to complete an Advance Health Care Directive contact Spiritual Services.

If you need an interpreter, please ask your nurse or other hospital staff. We use Cyracom Language Solutions for our language interpretation and translation services. For the hearing impaired, we use a video phone to provide assistance. All interpretive services are available at no charge.

You will be escorted from the admitting area to your room, and likewise, upon discharge from your room to the front door.

Mercy Redding only allows smoking in designated areas. No smoking is allowed inside the building. 

Social Services/Discharge Planning 
Social and personal problems can be handled with the help of Social Services. Simply dial the hospital operator and ask to have a Social Worker paged. 

Local Calls: Dial 9, wait for a dial tone; dial the number. Long Distance: An outside operator will assist you. Dial 9-0-Area Code-Number. These calls must be collected or billed to your credit card or to your home number. Inside of Hospital: You may dial the extension number directly. 

You are advised against bringing a large amount of money or other valuables to the hospital. Mercy Medical Center Redding cannot assume responsibility for loss of any valuables not deposited with the cashier for hospital safekeeping. Please bring your insurance cards with you, however, as they are necessary for billing purposes.