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Healing Garden

The Healing Garden at Mercy Medical Center Redding is a sacred place welcoming everyone who is seeking healing, renewal or to regain a sense of wholeness and harmony. Located in the inner court of the hospital, it is a quiet, intimate space that has become a sanctuary and a safe haven for patients, and their family and friends as well as hospital employees.

The Entrance To The Garden

When walking into the Healing Garden, there is a book pedestal that states: “With God, all things are possible.” It’s meant to serve as a reminder of the body, mind and spirit’s potential for healing.

You’ll also find three murals that serve as focal points to the garden’s rooms. Visitors are invited to walk through each to experience its own unique healing atmosphere, or to settle into a particular room as you seek spiritual guidance.

Irish Room: A traditional Irish/English garden, impossibly green, inviting you to cross a bridge to a seating area in a secluded area.

Mediterranean Room: Colorful and warm, this room is designed to remind visitors of the sea. A fountain provides a lovely area to rest and listen to the gentle flow of water.

Pond Room: Mostly shaded, this room features a pool of water where you can sit and reflect.

Rose Room: Enter this room and immediately encounter multicolored tree roses and ground roses.

Waterfall Room: Water tumbling over rocks provides a peaceful, beautiful sound.

Zen Room: Perfectly placed rocks emphasize simplicity and structure. Visitors are also invited to rake the sand as part of meditation or reflection.

Learn More About The Healing Garden

Please call (530) 225-6000 for more information.