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Get support for the spine that supports all you do.

Our skilled and compassionate specialists can help put you
on the path to a healthier spine, so you can get moving again.

Spine services

Your spine is central to almost every move you make: walking, lifting, even lying down to rest. When you have back or neck pain, it can impact your life in profound ways, compromising your productivity, fitness—even your mental outlook.

Our spine care team at Mercy Redding is composed of highly experienced specialists who provide the most innovative treatments to care for acute and chronic conditions of the spine. From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, our team works to restore each patient’s strength, flexibility, and function

Demonstrated expertise in spine care

Mercy Redding is the only local hospital to be recognized by Blue Shield of California as a Blue Distinction Center for spine surgery. Blue Distinction Centers are healthcare facilities and providers that are recognized for their expertise in delivering specialty care, as they meet criteria in quality care and patient results.

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Spinal conditions

There are many injuries or conditions that can compromise the spine's ability to serve without pain.

Common causes of spine disorders include:

  • Injury, including sports-related injuries and accidents
  • Genetics, including genetic syndromes and inherited conditions such as scoliosis
  • Overuse, including repetitive movements, such as frequent bending or twisting
  • Infections, such as those of the bones and tissues protecting the spine, a spinal disc, or the spinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord (meningitis)
  • Aging, including loss of bone and the weakening of bone and tissues that make up the spine, which may cause spine disorders such as herniated discs
  • Tumors, which can damage the bony vertebrae and sensitive spinal nerve tissue

Treatment options

Patients often endure years of chronic pain before seeking treatment, even though many conditions are more easily treated in the early stages.

We offer a variety of treatment options to address your spine condition effectively. Physical therapy, steroid injections and medications are among some of the non-surgical approaches we offer. In certain cases, a surgical procedure may be recommended.

Our physicians are highly trained in the latest technologies and treatments—including Mazor robotic spine surgery, offering fast and precise procedures. Learn more about Mazor robotic spine surgery.

Some of our spine treatments include:

  • Advanced robotic assisted spine surgery
  • Decompression procedures of the cervical and lumbar spine conditions
  • Micro lumbar discectomy for the treatment of symptomatic herniated disc
  • Minimally invasive fusion spine surgery
  • Realignment and correction of adult deformities of the spine
  • Acute and chronic spine and orthopedic disorders
  • Spinal stenosis, disc herniations

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic assisted surgery is a technology that uses a combination of specialized computer software and instruments allowing our surgeons to visualize each patient’s individual anatomy, plan the procedure in 3D and perform the personalized surgery using robotic guidance. This type of minimally invasive surgery is more precise and may result in a shorter recovery period so you can get back to living your life sooner.

Robotic surgery may offer many benefits, including:

  • Increased precision – surgeons have better accuracy and control during your procedure 
  • Smaller incisions and less blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stay, and 
  • Lower risk of infection and post-operative lower risk of complications
  • Less pain and a faster recovery so you can return to normal activities sooner

Robotic surgery is just one way we can perform your procedure. We may decide that you will have a better outcome if we perform a different type of procedure. Our surgeons have experience in all types of surgery. No matter which approach we take, we have your health and safety in mind. 

Learn more abgout Robotic Surgery with Mazor X™

Pre-surgery spine education

If you are scheduled for spine surgery at Mercy Redding, we are committed to making your experience comfortable and your recovery as successful as possible. 

Mercy Redding offers several classes to keep you informed about what to expect before, during and after spine surgery. Get the schedule here.

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Mazor robotic surgery for spine

Take a moment to learn about Mazor robotic assisted surgery, and the impact it had on one of our patients.