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Expert Care for Bladder Cancer in Northern California

Bladder cancer typically starts off as small tumors in the lining of the bladder. In the US, about five percent of all new cancer cases are bladder cancer.

Experienced oncologists at Dignity Health North State provide comprehensive care for bladder cancer in Northern California. You can depend on our oncology experts for an accurate diagnosis, prompt treatment, and compassionate support. Find a Doctor online to learn how our cancer centers care for bladder cancer at the following hospitals: 


Causes Bladder Cancer

The exact cause of bladder cancer is not known. However, certain lifestyle habits and risk factors can lead to developing the disease. One controllable risk factor, smoking, is responsible for almost half of all bladder cases in the US.

Other known risk factors include:

  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Not drinking enough fluid
  • Exposure to chemicals in plastics, dyes, and paints
  • Family history of bladder cancer
  • Being male

Dignity Health North State can help you reduce your risk for bladder cancer. We offer a dependable smoking cessation program to help you quit tobacco, so you can lower your risk for bladder cancer and other health conditions.


Symptoms & Early Detection of Bladder Cancer

The symptoms of bladder cancer typically appear at the onset of the disease. When you can recognize the symptoms early, your doctor may be able to find the cancer when it’s still within the lining of the bladder. 

Early detection leads to more effective treatment, so always report these signs and symptoms to your doctor at Dignity Health North State:

  • Difficulty urinating
  • Weak urine stream
  • Pain or burning with urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Frequent or urgent urination

These symptoms are also present in other conditions, so it’s important to have your doctor evaluate them for an accurate diagnosis.

Cancer of the bladder is a treatable disease. The key to a prompt cure is early detection and quality treatment. Schedule an appointment with a doctor at Dignity Health North State to receive a diagnosis of your cancer stage, determine your treatment options, or simply learn how you can lower your risk.