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Comprehensive Back Surgery in Northern California

Back surgery is often a treatment for back pain or other spine-related conditions. Although most back pain subsides within a couple of months, spine damage and abnormalities cause persistent pain that limit your movement. When medication, physical therapy, and at-home remedies don’t cure your back pain, trained surgeons at Dignity Health North State can perform orthopedic surgery to restore your comfort and mobility.

You might be a good candidate for back surgery if you have chronic back pain that interferes with your daily activities. To learn if surgery is a good option for you, Find a Doctor online to schedule an appointment for spine surgery consultation in Northern California.


Reliable Spine & Back Surgery at Dignity Health North State

At our Center for Joint and Spine Health in Redding, CA, we offer traditional and minimally invasive options to cure common back problems, such as herniated discs, slipped spinal discs, and bone overgrowth from osteoarthritis.

Our comprehensive spine surgery options include:

  • Disc replacement, or surgical implant of artificial discs
  • Fusion to permanently connect two vertebrae in your spine
  • Herniated disc surgery (discectomy) to remove herniated discs
  • Laminectomy to enlarge the spinal canal and relieve nerve pressure on the spine

To help you prepare for back surgery, we offer informative preoperative spine surgery classes. During these presentations, you’ll learn how to prepare for surgery and be able to ask any questions you have.


What to Expect After Back Surgery

Life after back surgery can mean better mobility and less pain, but it can take several weeks to get there. Your orthopedic team at Dignity Health North State will try to ensure the quickest recovery, so your doctor may recommend you wear back brace, get regular exercise, and maintain a healthy weight to remain pain-free after back surgery.

As part of our dedication to spine care, our world class physical therapy program is an essential element of your recovery. During physical therapy, a rehabilitation specialist will teach you how to protect your spine and move to prevent future injuries.

You can count on the orthopedic specialists at Dignity Health North State for complete spine care before and after your surgery.

Dignity Health North State offers surgical options for back pain relief in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.

Comprehensive Back Surgery in Northern California