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Trusted Disc Replacement Surgery in Northern California

Your spine is precious, and injuries and normal wear and tear can damage your spinal discs. In addition, ongoing back discomfort can limit your daily activities and movement. Disc replacement is the surgical replacement of a damaged spinal disc with a strong, artificial one. It is a common treatment option for back pain when nonsurgical approaches aren’t successful.

Experienced orthopedic surgeons at Dignity Health North State perform disc replacement surgery to relieve back discomfort and help you regain control of your daily activities.

Our dedicated orthopedic team offers comprehensive spine care from start to finish through preoperative spine surgery classes to rehabilitative physical therapy. Find a Doctor online to schedule disc replacement surgery in Northern California.


What to Expect: Disc Replacement at Dignity Health North State

Disc replacement surgery usually lasts two or three hours. During the operation, your orthopedic surgeon will remove your damaged spinal disc and replace it with an artificial disc that may be metal, plastic, or a combination of both. This disc mimics the natural spinal disc and allows full flexibility.

There are different approaches your surgeon can take to complete a successful disc replacement. Before your operation, you can talk to your doctor at Dignity Health North State about the best approach with the least side effects.


Disc Replacement Recovery

After disc replacement surgery, pain management and protecting your back are the main goals. You will spend the first few days after surgery at our hospital where a dedicated team will monitor your healing. Your doctor will also integrate pain management to help reduce or completely eliminate your back pain.

It can take several weeks or months before you are able to resume normal or strenuous activities. Your doctor will ensure your quickest recovery by monitoring your healing and overseeing a physical therapy program that helps you regain normal mobility after surgery.

Dignity Health North State is a top performer for disc replacement surgery in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.