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Offering Elbow Surgery for Tendonitis in Northern California

Elbow tendonitis is severe inflammation and damage in the muscles and tendons of the elbow joint. It can be a very painful condition. If you have chronic tendonitis in your elbow, elbow surgery can restore pain-free movement.

At Dignity Health North State, our expert orthopedic surgeons and hand surgeons offer both open and minimally invasive elbow surgery for tendonitis in Northern California. During this procedure, damaged tissue is removed and healthy muscle and tendon is reattached to the bone.

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Why Elbow Surgery May be Needed for Tendonitis

Elbow tendonitis is caused by overuse injuries, which means the muscles and tendon have been used over and over. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are common elbow conditions.

Therapies for tendonitis usually include rest, ice, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines, and corticosteroid shots to reduce inflammation. Your doctor may recommend elbow surgery if these noninvasive therapies haven’t been successful, especially if your tendonitis still persists after six to 12 months of these treatments.


What to Expect with Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow Treatment

If you’re eligible for tendonitis surgery, the procedure may be performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center.

Dignity Health North State hospitals offer outstanding orthopedic care, including our sports medicine program at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital and the Center for Joint and Spine Health at Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA. Mercy Medical Center in Mt. Shasta, CA, has been named a top performer for surgical care by The Joint Commission.

Depending on certain factors, you may be a good candidate for minimally invasive elbow surgery, called elbow arthroscopy. With minimally invasive surgery, there’s typically less pain, a lower risk of complications, and a faster recovery compared to open surgery.

No matter which option your doctor determines is best, he or she will go over the risks and benefits with you, so you know what to expect.


Recovery After Elbow Surgery for Tendonitis at Dignity Health North State

After surgery, you may need to spend time in our hospital. For most outpatient procedures, patients can go home the same day. You may need to wear an elbow brace or splint for about a week. Depending on factors specific to you, your physical therapy may take several weeks or months. Your doctor will let you know when you can return to normal activities.

The best way to prevent elbow tendonitis is to strengthen the muscles in your forearm. To learn more, meet with one of our skilled orthopedic providers. Dignity Health North State offers physical therapy at Mercy Medical Center in Mt. Shasta and outpatient physical therapy in Weed, CA.

Dignity Health North State performs elbow surgery as a treatment for tendonitis in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.