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Mercy Faith and Health Partnership

Mercy Faith & Health Partnership encourages, supports and nurtures local faith communities of all denominations in the development and sustainability of health ministry programs that promote health, healing and wholeness.

Health ministry programs include healthcare professionals, clergy and other interested members who have a desire to focus on health promotion and disease prevention programs within their congregations. Providing education, advocacy and referrals for available resources within the congregation, health ministry teams do not duplicate available services, such as nursing or medical care, but seek to creatively bridge gaps in healthcare.

Mercy Faith and Health Partnership offers support in the following areas:

  • Presentations to the faith community groups
  • Tools and strategies for new health ministry program development   
  • Consultation and mentoring services
  • Connections to hospital and community resources
  • Health Ministry Networking
  • Faith Community Nurse (FCN) support groups
  • Continuing Education for Nurses
  • Seminars for Spiritual Leaders 

Program Resources

  • Health Ministry Information Packets
  • FCN Job Description & Evaluation Samples
  • Documentation Tools
  • Congregational Health Survey Sample
  • BP Screening Policy
  • AED Program Planning Tool
  • Healthier Living, Fall Prevention & Diabetes Series Workshops

Mercy Faith & Health Partnership has been a leader in the faith and health movement in our community since 1993.  The focus of this partnership is to build healthier communities with an emphasis on whole person care directly within communities of faith.  This is a direct reflection of Dignity Health's vision to enhance the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities we serve.

For more information, contact the coordinator of Mercy Faith & Health Partnership, Susan Taylor, at [email protected]

Mercy Faith Health Partnership