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Information for our Out of Town Patients


The preoperative requirements for the Methodist Hospital Bariatric Program can be completed virtually, with the exception of one in-person visit with the surgeon. The postoperative program can also be completed virtually, unless you prefer to see the surgeon in person or have a complication that requires in-person care. 

The Fairfield Inn and Suites in Elk Grove offers a discount for patients and their families. The most recent rate was $159.00 per night and the hotel received 4.3 stars.

Phone: (916) 681-5400

Address: 8058 Orchard Loop Ln, Elk Grove, CA 95624


Your first step is to attend a virtual seminar with Dr. Gatschet, Dr. Khan or Dr. Patching. You may register for a seminar by following this link

Contact Information: 

Darci Crowley, RN BSN, Bariatric Program Manager, Methodist Hospital: [email protected]

John Azevedo, RD, Bariatric Dietitian, Methodist Hospital: [email protected]

Dr. Ruby Gatschet, Prestige Bariatrics, 7551 Timberlake Way, Ste 230, Sacramento, CA 95823, (916) 347-3630,

Michael Jaramillo, Office Manager: [email protected]

Dr. Rana S. Khan, Prime Surgery and Bariatric Specialist: [email protected]

Dr. Steven Patching, 3600 American River Drive, Ste 220, Sacramento, CA 95864, (916) 568-5564,