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SIR-Spheres® Microspheres

Targeted radiation treatment for inoperable liver tumors

SIR-Spheres microspheres are a safe and effective method of using highly targeted radiation to treat inoperable liver tumors that have metastasized from colorectal cancer. At roughly 32 microns across, these tiny beads are larger than a red blood cell but smaller than a liver cell, and they carry a radioactive material called yttrium-90 (also known as Y-90). When released into the bloodstream that feeds the liver, they become lodged in the tumor’s vasculature and kill cancer cells by delivering up to 40 times more radiation than would be possible using conventional radiation therapy—without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

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To determine if you’re a candidate for SIR-Spheres Microspheres, talk to your doctor. For a referral to an Interventional Radiologist, call Mercy Imaging Center at (916) 863-2804.