Nurse Navigators

Guiding patients through their cancer journey.

Meet Our Team

Nurse Navigator, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital 
Mary is thrilled to be serving the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital community as a nurse navigator. Her nursing career started with Dignity Health in 2007 and has been focused on caring for critically ill post-surgical patients, frequently for those in their first stages of cancer treatment. As a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor, Mary understands how overwhelming a diagnosis can be and how easy it is to feel lost trying to navigate the unfamiliar territory of cancer. She is passionate about advocating for patients, as well as educating and empowering them to have the confidence to self-advocate.

Nurse Navigator, Mercy Cancer Center
Ann Chrisler is passionate about oncology nursing and has worked as a hospital and infusion nurse for more than 30 years. During that time, she became board certified in both oncology nursing and clinical research. Presently, she leads the volunteer peer navigator program for Dignity Health Cancer Institute, while also serving as an oncology nurse patient advocate, educator and main point of contact for patients as they journey through their medical treatments. Ann believes that being a nurse navigator has been the most rewarding job of her career. She is a past board member for the Sacramento Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation, while currently volunteering as a medical coordinator for the national breast cancer organization, Casting For Recovery. She recently completed the IHealth and Lifestyle program at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil. Currently, Ann lives in Sacramento after raising two daughters, enjoying time with her husband Mark and their dogs, Ida and Woody, who both serve as patient therapy dogs. 

Nurse Navigator, Mercy General Hospital 
Kelly is a strong patient advocate that believes all patients should receive quality care with compassion and humankindness. Prior to working as a nurse navigator, Kelly worked as a floor oncology nurse, med-surg telemetry nurse, radiation nurse and emergency medicine nurse. In 2012 she transitioned from floor nursing to case management where she worked in oncology, cardiac intervention and neurology. Kelly developed an interest in navigation after completing her master’s degree in case management, which increased her understanding of the importance of guiding patients across the continuum of care. As a nurse navigator she helps to provide quality care to patients by helping to remove barriers to care—such as health insurance, transportation and financial assistance information. Kelly provides education about diagnoses and emotional support as patients go through the continuum of care. Kelly advocates for an integrative approach to treating cancer patients to help guide them to complimentary therapies such as nutrition, support groups, yoga and other resources that optimize positive outcomes.

Nurse Navigator, Mercy San Juan Medical Center (Breast Cancer) 
Marie joined the Dignity Health team in 2010 as a new graduate of nursing from CSU Sacramento, her second career. With a passion for oncology and compassionate care, she served on the oncology floor for more than four years. In 2014, she joined the nurse navigation team, focusing on breast and GYN cancers. In her time at Dignity Health, Marie continued her education, becoming oncology certified in 2012 and receiving her certification in breast care in 2018. She serves the nurse navigation team as lead breast cancer navigator. Marie has also served as a hospice volunteer since 2008.

Therapeutic Navigator
Eva provides psychotherapy services for cancer patients, their partners, families, and caregivers. In her counseling sessions, she utilizes interventions from cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness. Eva graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. She completed her graduate degree with a master of arts in psychology and an emphasis on marriage and family therapy at Brandman University. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Eva specializes in trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety. She provides support with adjustments across the whole cancer continuum, from diagnosis to survivorship. Eva feels extremely passionate about her work and cares deeply for each and every one of her clients.

Nurse Navigator, Mercy San Juan Medical Center (Lung and Prostate Cancer)
An oncology nurse navigator for the past five years, Michael also worked as RN in different units at Mercy San Juan Medical Center, now working closely with Dignity Health lung, esophageal and prostate cancer patients. He has bachelors’ degrees from the University of Glasgow and California State University, Sacramento. More recently, Michael completed the Integrative Health and Lifestyle program at the University of Arizona and incorporates an integrative health approach in his work.

Nurse Navigator, Mercy San Juan Medical Center (General Oncology)
Tiffany is passionate about her role as an oncology nurse navigator. She had the pleasure of working with many of the navigators dating back to when she was an infusion nurse at Sierra Hematology Oncology and in her time with Dignity Health’s radiation oncology team. Tiffany was drawn to nursing following her experience as her father’s caregiver when he had cancer. Tiffany feels she can be both empathetic and sympathetic towards patients. She loves being able to support and educate oncology patients and their families along such a difficult journey. Tiffany feels blessed to work with such a compassionate team and looks forward to positively impacting others. Somedays she wonders which is greater: the gratitude she feels or the effect she has on patients. And that to her is bliss.

Nurse Navigator, Woodland Memorial Hospital 
When Cindy was five years old, she read the book, Nurse Nena. It was then she knew she wanted to be a nurse. Cindy was born and raised in Woodland, so she has strong ties to the community and Woodland Memorial Hospital. Her first nursing job was at Woodland Memorial, which is also where she plans to retire. As an oncology nurse navigator, she see patients with all cancer types. Her goal is to provide education and support. Knowing that getting a cancer diagnosis is scary, Cindy’s goal is to provide guidance to make the journey a little less scary.

Lead Nurse Navigator
Jennifer obtained her associate of nursing degree in South Africa in 1988. She has years of experience working with cancer patients. She has a bachelor’s of nursing through a long-distance learning program from the University of Dundee in Scotland and is oncology nurse certified in the USA. Jennifer has applied her 30-plus years of nursing experience to the world of oncology nursing, where she shares her insight into the complexity of cancer care. Nursing is a passion for her and runs in her family, with both her twin sister and daughter working as RNs in California.

Nurse Navigator, Mercy Hospital of Folsom
Maribeth began her career at the University of Chicago Hospital as a staff nurse in their inpatient hematology oncology unit. The majority of patients she cared for were the underserved population of South Side Chicago. Her heart went into taking care of these patients while they were in the hospital, but she felt helpless and worried for them when they were discharged back into their community knowing the limited resources they had available. It was then Maribeth realized the importance of support cancer patients need outside the hospital. When she relocated to Sacramento in 2015, Maribeth experienced firsthand the overwhelming feelings that come with a cancer diagnosis through her sister and father. She knew she wanted to take on a new challenge and a different role in caring for cancer patients, becoming an oncology nurse navigator with the Dignity Health Cancer Institute.