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Doula options

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We are pleased to provide doula services to obstetric patients in our Family Birth Centers. A doula is a trained professional that provides physical and emotional support to a woman and her support team during labor and birth. The term “doula” is a Greek word meaning a “woman who serves.”

Receiving Doula care

Research shows that women who use doulas have reduced labor times, fewer medical interventions, greater breastfeeding success, and express greater satisfaction with her birth experience.

Some of the services doulas provide include:

  • Providing continuous physical and emotional support to you and your support team

  • Supporting your choices during birth

  • Staying with you throughout the birth and for a short time after delivery

  • Encouraging you with breathing, relaxation techniques, and comfort measures

  • Working with you as part of our care team at our Family Birth Center to make your birth experience the best it can be during this special time

Getting a doula

Doulas are available to anyone who delivers at Methodist Hospital of Sacramento,  Woodland Memorial Hospital and Mercy Hospital of Folsom free of charge. Volunteer doulas are on call on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in having a doula, please notify your health care provider during your prenatal visits. When you are admitted to the hospital to deliver, let the nurses on the unit know and they will contact the doula on call.

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Volunteer to become a Doula

If you are interested in becoming a Doula we have volunteer opportunities available at all of our hospitals. Click on the hospital name to learn about the requirements and how to register.