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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Dignity Health's Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in the Greater Sacramento region at Mercy San Juan Medical Center and Methodist Hospital of Sacramento are equipped with the latest technology and specially-trained staff to care for babies who are seriously ill or born prematurely.

Our NICU Hospitals

Mercy San Juan Medical Center: Level III NICU

Mercy San Juan's NICU has long been a leader in caring for the smallest of newborns. The most recent data from the Vermont Oxford Network shines an even brighter light on the healthcare professionals who make up the Level III NICU - including neonatologists (doctors specializing in premature and high-risk babies), registered nurses, respiratory therapists, developmental specialists, lactation consultants, dietitians and pharmacists.

Mercy San Juan's NICU includes 26 licensed beds and is equipped to provide specialized care including invasive monitoring, conventional ventilation, surgery, transport service, inhaled nitric oxide and high frequency oscillator ventilation. It is located on the third floor of the Family Birth Center, adjacent to the 32-bed labor, birth, recovery and maternal/infant unit, high-risk pre-birth and post-birth unit, two operating suites, visitors' waiting room and appropriate support areas. And for new moms who are unable to provide enough breast milk for their baby, Mercy San Juan proudly provides donor breast milk to ensure your baby gets the nutrients they need. 

Methodist Hospital: Level II NICU

Methodist Hospital's NICU includes 12 beds and is equipped with the latest technologically advanced equipment and specially trained staff to care for infants born premature or seriously ill. It is located on the second floor in the Family Birth Center, with a well-appointed family waiting room, meal preparation and other support areas. In the event of a premature birth, our neonatologists (physicians who specialize in premature and high risk babies) are ready to care of the tiniest of newborns.

Both Dignity Health NICUs serving the Sacramento region provide family-centered care, encouraging the family to learn every aspect of their newborn's stay at our hospitals.

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    Dignity Health's Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in the Greater Sacramento region can be found at Mercy San Juan Medical Center and Methodist Hospital.

Our Locations

Mercy San Juan Medical Center
6501 Coyle Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608


Methodist Hospital of Sacramento
7500 Hospital Drive
Sacramento, CA 95823