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Explore Your Treatment Options for Myopathy in the Sacramento Region

Myopathy refers to a group of muscle diseases in which the muscle fibers don’t function properly for a wide range of reasons. The most common symptom of myopathy is muscle weakness.

At Dignity Health Neurological Institute of Northern California, our experienced team of neurologists and neuromuscular disorder specialists offer the latest diagnostic tests and treatments for myopathy in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding area. To learn about our expertise in neuromuscular disorders, Find a Doctor near you.


Myopathy Causes

Myopathies are caused by a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Infectious diseases, such as influenza and Lyme disease
  • Endocrine disorders, like Addison’s or Cushing’s disease
  • Drugs or toxins, such as steroids or cocaine
  • Hereditary conditions, like muscular dystrophy


Myopathy Symptoms

Common symptoms of myopathy includes:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Limited function for daily activities
  • Muscle pain and tenderness

Speak with a Dignity Health neurologist to learn more about the symptoms of myopathy and receive the right diagnosis. We use advanced technologies such as electromyography (EMG), which is an electrodiagnostic technique, to help identify and characterize disorders like myopathy.


Myopathy Treatments

Treatment for myopathies may take place at one of six Dignity Health locations in the Sacramento region. Your neurologist will assess your symptoms and order any necessary tests in order to recommend the right course of treatment.

At Dignity Health, myopathy treatment may include:

  • Drug therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Bracing
  • Supportive treatments, including airway management, breathing circulation, hydration
  • Surgery
At Dignity Health Neurological Institute of Northern California, you’ll find neurologists who are dedicated to evaluating, diagnosing, and treating all forms of myopathy in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas.