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Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Program

Caring for children and adolescents living with epilepsy is the sole focus of Dignity Health Neurological Institute’s Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Program. Our goal for every child we treat: Zero seizures and minimal side effects.

Because epilepsy can be complex and has a different presentation by age group, comprehensive assessment is crucial to creating a successful treatment plan. When medication management or a laboratory electroencephalogram (EEG) is insufficient, inpatient or outpatient EEG monitoring may be needed to determine the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for each patient.

Outpatient Ambulatory EEG Monitoring

Outpatient ambulatory EEG monitoring allows patients to walk around and carry on normal activities while recording data for a 24-hour period. Small electrodes placed on the patient’s scalp are connected by wire to a small computer carried in a shoulder pack. This allows patients to go about their normal daily routine, while keeping a detailed diary of daily activities and any neurological event. 

Inpatient Monitoring

With inpatient EEG monitoring, pediatric patients are typically monitored for five to seven days in our inpatient monitoring unit at Mercy San Juan Medical Center. The inpatient environment allows our team to use video combined with an EEG to detect any seizure activity that occurs, even if the patient is unaware of it. The video camera records physical activity, providing a visual record of each episode and the external, physical responses that occur during the patient’s seizure. At the same time, a continuous EEG recording is collected.

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