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Relieve Heel Pain with Achilles Tendon Surgery at Dignity Health

Achilles tendon surgery repairs the tendon located at the back of your heel. Tendons are thick cords of connective tissue that anchor muscles to bones. The Achilles tendon anchors your calf muscle to your heel bone and is the largest tendon in your body.

Achilles tendon surgery may be necessary if the damaged tendon is interfering with your ability to be active. The tendon may be partially or completely torn (Achilles tendon rupture). Your doctor at Dignity Health may recommend surgery if nonsurgical treatments like physical therapy fail to help within six months. Our goal is to restore your ability to push off with your heel without pain or disability and reduce the risk of repeat tendon injury.

If you’ve tried other treatments and haven’t found relief, consider achilles tendon surgery in Sacramento or a surrounding area at Dignity Health. Our trusted orthopedists have the expertise to help you you make that decision. We use the latest methods and technologies to deliver personalized, top-quality care. Find a Doctor near you to learn more.

You can also ask us about our regularly scheduled orthopedic consumer seminars. Attend a seminar taking place in your area today.


Advanced Achilles Tendon Surgery in the Sacramento Region

Our orthopedic surgeons and foot and ankle surgeons perform Achilles tendon surgery, typically as an outpatient procedure. The surgery takes place in a Dignity Health hospital and usually involves general anesthesia. Your surgeon will use either an open technique with a single incision or a minimally invasive procedure with a few smaller incisions. Depending on the number of steps in the procedure, the surgery can take an hour or more. 

As our orthopedics team is committed to your care, rely on our professionals to provide all the information you need to prepare for achilles tendon surgery and recovery.

The orthopedic doctors at Dignity Health provide comprehensive care when it comes to your achilles tendon surgery in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.