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Expertise in Hip Fracture Open Reduction & Internal Fixation (ORIF) in the Sacramento Region

If you fracture or break your hip, you will likely need open reduction and internal fixation to repair (ORIF) the bones and joint. Open reduction is the part of the procedure in which an orthopedic surgeon will realign the bone. Internal fixation is the hardware, steel rods, bars, screws, or plates that hold the fracture in place while it heals.

The goal of ORIF surgery at Dignity Health is to repair your bones and joint so that, when healed, you will be able to walk again. Nearly anyone who breaks or fractures a hip can have the ORIF procedure if he or she is healthy enough for surgery. However, the length of the healing process depends on your age and severity of the hip break.

Offering ORIF in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, the experienced orthopedic surgeons and staff at Dignity Health are here to provide you the knowledge and quality care you deserve. Find a Doctor today to learn more about the advanced orthopedic surgeries we perform.


Your ORIF Surgery at Dignity Health

An orthopedic surgeon will perform the ORIF in one of our six state-of-the-art hospitals, under general or regional anesthesia. The surgeon will make an incision in your hip to reach the injured bones. Then, the bones will be realigned, or you might receive an implant to replace part of your bone or joint. Metal hardware will hold the bones and joint together while your hip heals. These pieces of hardware may be temporary or permanent. Rely on Dignity Health to use the latest methods to deliver top-quality care.


Recovering From Hip Fracture Open Reduction & Internal Fixation

After the surgery, you may receive medicine for pain management, antibiotics to prevent infection, and blood thinners to prevent blood clots. Your doctor might also recommend compression stockings to help avoid blood clots.

Many patients are transferred to a rehabilitation facility during their initial recovery for acute rehabilitation. A multidisciplinary skilled care team at the center will then deliver 24-hour nursing, which includes expert postoperative wound management combined with frequent physical therapy sessions to speed up your recovery.

Talk with your doctor about whether acute rehab after ORIF would help improve strength and range of motion and benefit your overall recovery. We will help create a treatment and recovery plan that works best for your unique case.

Dignity Health is proud to provide exceptional hip surgeries, including hip fracture open reduction and internal fixation, throughout Northern California.