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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is very common, especially in older adults. It is a surgical procedure in which the diseased or worn parts of the hip joint are removed and replaced with new, artificial parts. The goals of hip replacement surgery include increasing mobility, improving the function of the hip joint, and relieving pain. There are several types of hip replacement surgery, but the traditional posterior approach currently is the most common, noting that the anterior approach is gaining in popularity in recent years.

Posterior Approach

Traditional hip surgery is a “posterior” approach, which cuts through the buttock muscles to reach the hip joint. The traditional posterior approach has a strong record of success and a low complication rate but may require a longer recovery time associated with “post-posterior precautions” which will prevent potential complications, such as dislocation.

Anterior Approach

Anterior hip replacement is a technique that can be used to achieve the same results as the more traditional, or posterior, hip replacement procedure – to replace the worn ends of the bones in the hip joint. The difference with the anterior approach is how and where the surgeon surgically opens to reach the hip joint.

Anterior hip surgery uses the most minimal incision, located on the front of the hip. In this approach, the surgeon is able to move the muscles aside rather than cutting through them. This creates less damage and trauma to the soft issues around the hip, allowing a quicker recovery time. In addition, there is less restriction as well as a lower risk of dislocating the new prosthesis, since the muscles used to support the hip joint have not been surgically disturbed.

As with all surgical procedures, recovery time after surgery depends upon the person and varies widely depending on age, activity level, weight.

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