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Mako Partial Knee Resurfacing

The knee joint contains three surfaces: the medial (inside), patellofemoral and lateral (outside) compartments. Mako Partial Knee Resurfacing is recommended for patients with early stage osteoarthritis that begins in the medial or lateral compartments or mid-stage osteoarthritis that has spread to a second compartment. If the disease has spread to all three compartments, Mako is no longer a viable option. In that case, total knee replacement surgery is sometimes necessary.

Am I a Candidate for Mako Partial Knee Resurfacing?

Mako Partial Knee Resurfacing may be the best option for you if you suffer from:

  • Knee pain with activity, usually on the inner knee and/or under the knee cap, or the outer knee
  • Start-up knee pain or stiffness when activities are initiated from a sitting position
  • Failure to respond to non-surgical treatments or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication

How Mako Partial Knee Resurfacing Works

By selectively targeting the part of your knee damaged by osteoarthritis, your surgeon can replace the diseased part of your knee while helping to spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it. The Mako technology provides your surgeon with a patient-specific 3-D model to pre-plan your partial knee replacement. During surgery, your surgeon guides the Mako robotic-arm based on your patient-specific plan. This allows the surgeon to remove only the diseased bone, preserving healthy bone and soft tissue, and assists your surgeon in positioning the implant based on your anatomy.

Take the Next Step 

If you think orthopedic surgery may be the solution for your pain, call Dignity Health in Sacramento at (916) 758-4774 for a referral to a Mako-trained specialist.