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Receive Complete Urology Care & Bladder Surgery in the Sacramento Region

Bladder and urology surgery for women most often involves helping women who are living with urinary incontinence, which is involuntary leaking of urine.

Through our exceptional women’s services, the gynecology team at Dignity Health collaborates with urologists and surgeons on treatments for a wide array of urologic conditions. To request a consultation for bladder surgery in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health.


Why Bladder & Urology Surgery is Performed

At our Sacramento-area hospitals, the goal of bladder and urology surgery for women is usually to help cure urinary incontinence and improve quality of life. Women experience urinary incontinence twice as often as men, often the result of damage to the bladder or urethra during pregnancy and delivery.

Urinary incontinence can also be caused by trauma to the spinal cord, neurological illnesses, or a congenital condition, which means you were born with it.

Surgery may be recommended if other treatments and lifestyle changes have not helped reduce the incontinence and it is affecting your quality of life. Several types of surgeries are available for stress incontinence, which is urine leakage that may occur when you lift something heavy, cough, or sneeze, for example.


What to Expect From Bladder Surgery at Dignity Health

Our experienced urogynecologists commonly perform bladder and urology surgery in our state-of-the-art hospitals. Urogynecologists specialize in female pelvic medicine and pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse conditions, and overactive bladder.

Urogynecologic surgery has undergone a revolution over the past decade, and millions of women have benefitted from these advances. Urinary incontinence surgery can still be an open procedure involving a large incision and a prolonged recovery. More commonly, surgery involves a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure involving small incisions in the vagina. With stress incontinence, a sling, tape, or sutures may be inserted and positioned to support your bladder and/or urethra, limiting the risk of urine leakage. Dignity Health uses the latest equipment, including da Vinci® Surgical System, for your best possible care and shorter recovery times.


Recovery After Bladder & Urology Surgery

After your surgery, you will be moved into a recovery room, where you will be monitored until the anesthetic wears off. Depending on your individual situation, you may go home the same day, or you may need to stay in the hospital. While you recover, you may need to use a urinary catheter (a tube in your urethra) to help your bladder drain urine for a few days. If this is the case, your care team will provide clear instructions on how to use the catheter.

You will also need to avoid activities such as heavy lifting, straining your abdomen, vigorous exercising, and sexual intercourse while you heal. 

Living with urinary incontinence can be embarrassing, but bladder and urology surgery may help relieve the stress related to urinary incontinence. Rely on Dignity Health to provide the advanced, personalized care you need.

Skilled surgeons at Dignity Health perform the latest urological procedures, including bladder surgery, in the Sacramento region.