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Chronic Disease Self-Management

We offer tools for you to manage your health and maintain an active, fulfilling life.

Our Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is a workshop provided once a week, over a six-week period, at the Hope Street Family Center and other community settings. People with different chronic health conditions attend together. Workshops are facilitated by two trained leaders, at least one of whom is a non-health professional managing a chronic disease him or herself.

Subjects covered include:

  • Techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
  • Appropriate exercises for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Appropriate use of medication
  • Effective communication with family, friends, and health professionals
  • Nutrition
  • Decision making
  • Evaluating new treatment options

Classes are highly participatory. This mutual support and sharing of one another's success helps build confidence.

For more information and to sign up, please contact:

Barbara Gonzalez, MPH
Manager, Community Health
(213) 742-5553