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Your Visit Can Help Your Loved One Heal

At California Hospital, we understand that your path to healing includes family and friends, both of whom play an important role in you getting better.

For Visitors

We understand the important role family and loved ones play in the healing process, and we encourage visitors to come when it is best for their loved one. On behalf of the entire California Hospital team, thank you for the privilege of caring for you. We wish you good health and a fast recovery.

Our Location

California Hospital Medical Center
1401 South Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 748-2411

Visitor Hours & Guidelines

Visitation rules at California Hospital Medical Center are described below. These are to help ensure safety for you, visitors and the care team.


Effective March 11, 2022


Welcome to California Hospital Medical Center, we are here to care for you and your family.  Our priority is to ensure your safety and we have taken precautions to protect patients, visitors, and caregivers based on public health guidelines. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of your family or friends who want to visit while you are in the hospital. Consider using FaceTime or video to connect with and update your loved ones who cannot visit during your stay.


Tablets are available for patients to have virtual visits with loved ones via FaceTime or Zoom.


Visitation rules at California Hospital Medical Center are described below.

These are to help ensure safety for you, visitors and the care team. 

  • Visiting Hours: See times for specific units.
  • No visitors are permitted for patients in isolation or for patients in the ED (except pediatrics, developmentally delayed patients or comfort care/hospice).
  • All visitors must be 18 years and older only and must follow the rules below:
    • Enter and exit the building only via the main lobby using the elevators near security.
    • Be screened at the front door for temperature and symptoms (below)
    • Be free of any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu such as fever, shortness of breath, cold symptoms, muscle aches, cough or vomiting; or recently recovered from COVID-19.
    • Present proof of vaccination or a COVID-19 negative test within the last 48 hours, except for NICU and Pediatrics (for Labor and Delivery will be reviewed in Triage).
    • Wear a hospital issued face mask at all times, including in the patient’s room.
    • Use hand sanitizer to cleanse hands before entering and when leaving the room.
    • Stay in the room except to use the designated restroom if needed during your visit.
    • Visitors are allowed to be in the lobby, to visit the giftshop, the coffee cart, and the cafeteria during open hours once they have been screened at a security desk.
  • No items brought in from home - except those that support activities of daily living, i.e. eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids, assistive devices and cell phones/chargers.
  • Flowers may be brought in by visitors, delivered to the hospital, or delivered by the hospital’s Gift Shop to all patient care areas except the intensive care units. When bringing fresh-cut flowers, please bring a vase or container.
  • No food allowed from outside except for postpartum, antepartum, or labor/delivery*.
    • *Food/containers must be disposable and eaten in the patient's room.
  • Any concerns about visitation may be discussed with the unit Director, Manager during normal business hours or Administrative Nursing Supervisor during nights and weekends.


Horarios de visita: consulte los horarios para unidades específicas.

Visitor Services

Visiting a patient? Stop by our cafeteria for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and spread good cheer with a gift from our gift shop. Learn More

Health & Safety

Be Well. Please do not visit the hospital if you have any flu symptoms, including a fever over 100 degrees, cough, sore throat, runny nose, rash or diarrhea, or if you have recently been exposed to someone with symptoms.

Wash Your Hands. Be sure to wash or sanitize your hands before and after visiting your loved one. Proper hand hygiene is the best way to reduce the spread of germs.

Smoking Rules. We are committed to caring for the health and safety of our patients, visitors, and staff. Because of this pledge, smoking and using any tobacco products is prohibited in all areas of the California Hospital campus, excluding one designated area. People who smoke will need to refrain from smoking or visit the patio area. If you are a patient who smokes, nicotine replacement therapy is available. Please notify your doctor or nurse.

Food Policy. Please do not give any food or drinks to a patient without checking with the nurse to be sure it is all right. Many of our patients are on special diets and the wrong food could make them sicker.

Visitor Badge. All visitors must check in at the Information Desk to obtain a visitor's badge. Visitor badges must be worn at all times while inside the hospital. Please wear the guest badge above your waist.


There are two convenient entrances to California Hospital Medical Center.

The Main Entrance is located at 1401 S. Grand Avenue, one half block south of Pico boulevard and is open from 6am - 9pm. This circle drive area is for patient pick-up and drop-off only. Parking is available just past this circle driveway at 15th Street.

The Emergency Room Entrance is located at 1338 S. Hope Street, one half block south of Pico Boulevard and is open 24/7.


Parking for the public is conveniently located on the hospital campus. To access:

From Grand Ave (one way south bound only) - go south on Grand, make a right on Venice, go north on Hope, make a right into 15th Street.

From Hope Street (if you are south bound) - go south on Hope, make a left into 15th Street.

From Hope Street (if you are northbound from Venice Blvd.) - go about 500 yards north on Hope, make right into 15th street

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Department Phone Directory

View our California Hospital Medical Center phone directory.

For services not listed, please call the main number at (213) 748-2411.