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Visitor Hours & Guidelines

Welcome to California Hospital Medical Center. We are here to care for you and your family. Our priority is to ensure your safety and we have taken precautions to protect patients, visitors, and  caregivers based on public health guidelines. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of your family or friends who want to visit while you are in the hospital. Consider using FaceTime or video to connect with and update your loved ones who cannot visit during your stay. Wi-Fi communication tablets are available for patients to have virtual visits with loved ones. 

Visitation rules at California Hospital Medical Center are described below. These are to help ensure safety for you, visitors and the care team.

  • Visiting Hours will begin at 11AM and end at 7PM when clerical staff finish their shift.
  • Visitors will sign in on the patient care unit at the clerical desk. 
  • When there is a visitor present in the room, a second guest must wait in the waiting area until the first person leaves. 
  • Visitors may wait in the visiting area on the unit with a maximum capacity of six persons. When the visitor area is at capacity, the nursing staff will direct them to wait in the Grand Avenue Lobby. 
  • For Labor & Delivery (only – not on 8E) a second person may be permitted as a second support person when necessary. The NSM/Charge Nurse may authorize this second person to Security to come up to the 5th floor. 
  • Security will screen and provide a visitor pass. 
  • Only one person is permitted at the bedside per patient. 
  • An overhead announcement is made over the loudspeaker that visiting hours are over. 
  • The nursing staff is responsible for telling visitors to leave if they are still present at 7pm. 
  • Special visiting arrangements for hospice or persons with disabilities will still apply. 
  • The Administrative Supervisor can approve exceptions, and the AOC is available for consultation as needed.