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Breastfeeding Assistance

At California Hospital, we believe that breastmilk is best for baby and want to provide mothers with all the tools they need for successful breastfeeding.

Not only does breastmilk provide the best nutrition for a newborn baby, it is also leads to wonderful bonding between mother and child. However, we understand that sometimes breastfeeding can be challenging.

That's why California Hospital provides lactation support services to new moms during their hospital stay and after they go home. In addition to breastfeeding assistance from our nurses, we can provide you with breastfeeding literature and classes.

Benefits of Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding babies:

  • Feel more secure, warm and comforted
  • Have a lower incidence of ear infections
  • Have a reduction in Atopic Dermatitis (a form of Eczema)
  • Have a much lower risk of hospitalization due to lower respiratory diseases
  • Have a reduced risk of gastroenteritis
  • Have a reduced risk of Type 1 and 2 diabetes 
  • Have a reduction in the risk of asthma (for those with a family history of asthma) 
  • Have a reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese as a teen or adult
  • Have half the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and childhood cancers
  • Have improved cognitive development (higher IQ scores as well as better brain and nervous system development

Breastfeeding moms:

  • Have a decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancers, anemia and osteoporosis 
  • May have a reduced risk of postpartum depression 
  • Have a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes 
  • Save money on milk, healthcare costs and time lost to care for a sick child



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