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Care For Kids of All Ages

Our expert team of board certified pediatric doctors, nurses, and support staff provide compassionate age-appropriate care, while keeping you informed and involved.



At California Hospital Medical Center, we recognize what an important decision it is to choose the right medical team for your child. Our team strives to exceed your healthcare expectations with the most modern and compassionate care possible. We welcome any questions you may have regarding your child's care - before, during or after their appointment.

Child-Friendly Treatment Room

One unique aspect to our Pediatric Unit is the treatment room for children. A treatment room is one of the most important rooms on a pediatric unit because it helps keep the bedside a safe place for our Pediatric patients. Our treatment room has colorful, joyful walls and a coping kit that includes diversion/distraction tools to help with non-pharmacological pain management. Additionally, we encourage "Positioning for Comfort" in the treatment room, which allows children to feel secure in their parents' arms as opposed to being restrained.

Before opening this specialized treatment room, parents of our pediatric patients shared that their toddlers did not want to sleep in their beds anymore because they associated their bed with being poked by a needle. Utilizing the treatment room for all invasive procedures such as IV starts, lab draws, and lumbar punctures fosters compliance, lessens pain perceptions of the child, and lets even the smallest children know that when they are in their beds, nothing painful will happen.

Addressing Children's Needs

A child’s hospitalization can often be quite frightening.  For many of our pediatric patients here at California Hospital Medical Center, this is their first time being in the hospital. Our hospital addresses the special needs of Pediatric patients, ensuring that we provide developmentally-appropriate care to children. Part of this care includes an environment that is child-friendly, comforting, and happy. 

Learn More About Our Pediatric Services

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