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Breast Health

We offer comprehensive breast health management - from screenings to treatment - at our state-of-the-art Women's Center in Downtown Los Angeles

Every woman deserves personalized, compassionate health services with the best and latest treatments available. The ultra modern Los Angeles Center for Women's Health at California Hospital Medical Center provides just that - a comprehensive range of breast health services with a nationally recognized team of doctors in a comfortable, calm setting.

Our services include:

  • Screening and diagnostic digital mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Hereditary cancer risk testing (genetic testing)
  • Management of breast pain, breast lumps, fibrocystic changes
  • Minimally-invasive biopsy procedures
  • Breast cancer treatment and management
  • The latest surgery techniques and reconstructive procedures
  • Clinical trials

Mammogram Services

Getting a mammogram is still the gold standard for breast cancer detection and the American Cancer Society recommends an annual mammography screening for all healthy women beginning at age 40. Why is it so important? Mammograms can help doctors detect abnormalities and changes in breast tissue before they start to cause symptoms.

Early detection and treatment of breast cancer can be life saving, so let us make it easy for you to take the preventive screening that could make all the difference.

Learn more about the Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer.

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Intraoperative Breast Radiotherapy - Surgery & Radiation At One Time

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, advancements in breast surgery and breast radiation therapy make breast cancer treatments safer and more convenient than ever before. This is particularly true for breast radiation therapy which can now be administered as a single treatment during surgery, instead of the usual 5-6 week course of daily radiation therapy given after breast surgery. The Los Angeles Women's Center is one of the only facilities in the region with a physician/surgeon who is a nationally recognized expert in this new, and much less invasive, much less painful Intraoperative Radiotherapy procedure.

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For information and appointments, please call (213) 742-6400. For a Physician Referral, call (888) 742-2462 or use our online feature, Find a Doctor.