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Glendale Memorial Offers New Treatment for A-fib

Dignity Health - Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center (GMH) is pleased to announce that we now offer a novel, hybrid approach to patients suffering from Atrial Fibrillation or "A-Fib." A-Fib is a leading cause of stroke and heart failure, and many patients struggle to manage A-Fib with medication alone.

With a combined approach of expert Electrophysiologists (Cardiologists with expertise in heart arrhythmias) and Cardiac surgeons, minimally invasive “mini-Maze” can cure A-fib in up to 91% of patients.

Using several small incisions and specialized instruments Cardiac surgeons perform a “maze” pattern of scars on the outside of the heart which creates a path for stable electrical impulses rather than the erratic electrical impulses associated with A-Fib. Cardiologists then perform percutaneous catheter ablations on the inside of the heart to complete the “maze.” These procedures are performed on the beating heart, which eliminates the long recovery associated with traditional open heart surgery.

“Offering this unique, life-changing procedure keeps with our healing mission and commitment to patient care,” says Hospital President Jack Ivie. “We know it’s not enough to manage a chronic illness if someone can’t enjoy the life they love. Mini-Maze can offer new hope to families with loved ones who struggle with managing their A-Fib, and we hope they’ll consider learning more about this unique procedure."

About Dignity Health - Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center

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Friday, March 25, 2016