Cardiac Fitness Center

"They are so supportive and caring. They encourage me to continue with my exercises and remind me that I'm a healthier and better person for taking care of my health." Trudy Thome, Cardiac Fitness Center patient

If you enter the Cardiac Fitness Center at Glendale Memorial Hospital, it's immediately clear that this is not your ordinary fitness center.  From the gentle encouragement offered by the nurses and exercise physiologists to the closely monitored patients who are growing a little stronger every day, the Cardiac Fitness Center offers a caring space to work toward your health goals.  

Glendale Memorial offers two programs for community members:

  • Exercise to the Sound of the Big Bands, every Tuesday and Thursday; and
  • Our Health Fit program is offered to qualifying community members for a nominal fee.

To learn more or schedule a tour, please call 818.502.2303