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Congestive Heart Failure Program

Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center wants to make certain that you or your loved one gets the information and support needed to improve your quality of life and stay well.

Our Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) program is designed to assist patients living with CHF. The program offers a number of resources including:

  • Coordination with your cardiologist;
  • Ongoing Education regarding medication compliance, daily weights, early warning signs and symptoms, diet and exercise;
  • Weekly follow up calls during the first month following discharge;
  • Bi-weekly follow up calls during the second month following discharge;
  • Individualized attention by our Heart Center nurse practitioner to address any needs identified during the calls.   

In some cases, Congestive Heart Failure can be treated with rest, proper diet, modified daily activities and medications. To learn how to enroll in this program, please call (818) 502-1900 ext. 4725