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Digital Mammography

The Medical Imaging Center has been providing State-of-the-Art mammogram services in the San Bernardino and surrounding communities and is accredited by the American College of Radiology for mammography services.


Medical Imaging Center

Community Hospital's Medical Imaging Center is one of the latest mammography systems in the City of San Bernardino to have a digital mammography unity with flex paddles and soft pads designed for your comfort. The center has been providing out patient mammogram imaging services in the San Bernardino and surrounding communities. We also offer a variety of ultrasound studies including OB, pelvic, breast, abdominal as well as ultrasound guided breast biopsies.

Every Woman Counts

Every Woman Counts (EWC) provides free clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, and pap tests to California’s underserved women. To qualify for the clinical breast exams, pelvic exams and pap test you must be 21 year old or older. Screening mammograms are available to women 40 years of age or older.  Diagnostic mammograms are available to women of any age who have an abnormal breast symptom. All women must be of low/no income and meet the EWC Income Criteria as well as have no insurance or limited insurance and live in California.


Getting a mammogram is still the gold standard for breast cancer detection and the American Cancer Society recommends an annual mammography screening for all healthy women beginning at age 40. Why is it so important? Mammograms can help doctors detect abnormalities and changes in breast tissue before they start to cause symptoms.

Early detection and treatment of breast cancer can be life-saving, so let us make it easy for you to take the preventive screening that could make all the difference.

Community Hospital’s Medical Imaging Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology for Mammography services.



Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Walk-ins are accepted for X-rays.

We accept Medi-cal, Medi-Care, some Medi-Cal HMO programs, most major health insurance plans including HMO plans under Community Hospital IPA.

1800 N. Western Ave. Suite 102 

San Bernardino, CA 92411 

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If you would like more information or need to schedule an appointment, please call (909) 806-1751. To find a physician, please call (909) 806-1919 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor.