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Rewarding Birth Classes in Southern California

Not sure what to expect from childbirth? At Dignity Health Southern California hospitals, our doctors and staff encourage our parents-to-be to take a childbirth class before the arrival of their little one. Childbirth classes provide information about pregnancy, labor, and birth. 

Our caring, supportive doctors and nurses partner with you throughout your pregnancy, offering comprehensive services, including birthing classes, in Southern California. Signs up for a class at one of our nearby birthing centers:

Use our online Find a Doctor tool to schedule a visit today and ask about our free birthing center tours.

What You’ll Learn at Childbirth Classes

Our childbirth classes help mothers and couples understand what goes on in the mother’s body during pregnancy and what will happen during labor and delivery. They also cover typical medical procedures used during labor and delivery, so you can make informed decisions about your care.

We’ll address the following topics covered in childbirth classes:

  • Fetal development during pregnancy
  • Preparation for labor and birth
  • Signs and symptoms of labor
  • Labor and delivery process
  • Possible birth scenarios, including C-section
  • Pain relief options for labor and delivery
  • Non-medical pain relief techniques, including massage and relaxation
  • After birth care
  • Newborn care
  • Infant feeding 
  • Hospital routines

What to Expect from Childbirth Classes at Dignity Health Southern California

All childbirth classes are different and may be offered as one-day intensive or weekly classes, and in-person and online classes. Ask your doctor what’s currently available at your birth center.

Depending upon the class, you may have the opportunity to practice pain relief techniques and birth positions. Some classes, such as Lamaze classes or Bradley method classes, teach specific strategies for coping with labor and birth.

Register for a childbirth class today to feel confident about your upcoming birth.

Dignity Health offers a variety of pregnancy services, including birth classes, in Southern California.