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Personalized Treatment for Bladder Cancer in Southern California

Doctors usually detect bladder cancer early, as symptoms often appear at the onset of the disease. Early detection makes treatment more effective, and our cancer specialists at Dignity Health Southern California are experienced in treating various stages of bladder cancer. 

Dignity Health Southern California has several options for bladder cancer treatment in Southern California, so Find a Doctor today to learn which treatment option is best for you. Any type of cancer can be scary, but our team is dedicated to providing personal care and expertise.

Bladder Cancer Treatment Options at Dignity Health Southern California

Our goal is to kill the cancer and keep it from recurring. If the cancer has advanced beyond a curable stage, your specialist may suggest individualized care that alleviates your symptoms and prolong life. We offer four treatment options to cure bladder cancer.

Bladder Cancer Surgery

During surgery, your doctor will remove the tumor. If the cancer is advanced, the bladder may need to be partially or completely removed.

Intravesical Therapy

Doctors often prescribe intravesical therapy for early stages of bladder cancer. This therapy involves applying a drug, such as an immune-based therapy or chemotherapy drugs, directly to the bladder instead of the entire body.

Systemic Chemotherapy for Bladder Cancer

Cancer-killing drugs affect the entire body, instead of one specific area, during systemic chemotherapy. Doctors will sometimes combine systemic chemotherapy along with radiation therapy to improve the efficacy of the treatment.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a primary treatment option for people who can’t have surgery. It’s also used to kill any cancer cells that remain after surgery. For advanced stages of cancer, radiation therapy improves comfort by alleviating symptoms.

Which Treatment is Best for Me?

Depending on the cancer’s stage, your doctor may perform surgery, prescribe drug therapy, or both to treat bladder cancer. Your overall health will also determine which treatment is right for you. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, caring treatment experience, so talk to your doctor about the potential benefits, side effects, and recovery. 

Cancer specialists at Dignity Health Southern California provide personalized bladder cancer treatment in Southern California.