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Experts Who Understand the Stages of Bladder Cancer in Southern California

Bladder cancer staging is the categorization of bladder cancer according to its advancement and other key characteristics. Your doctor at a Dignity Health Southern California hospital will use these stages to create the most effective, individualized treatment plan for you.

Our highly trained oncologists take the time to explain the stage of bladder cancer at diagnosis, the best treatment option, its prognosis, and all other implications. Find a Doctor today to learn more about how we can determine your stage of bladder cancer in Southern California.

Stages of Bladder Cancer

Surgery and imaging tests help our oncologists identify the stage of the bladder cancer. The five stages of bladder cancer, which range from zero to five, are represented by Roman numerals.

Stage 0

In this stage, cancer is only in the lining of the bladder. Surgery to remove the tumor or intravesical therapy usually kills the cancer.

Stage I

Stage I bladder cancer has spread into the layer of tissue under the bladder lining. Surgery or intravesical therapy can kill the cancer in this stage.

Stage II

Stage II indicates that the tumor has grown into the muscle of the bladder wall. Doctors often perform a complete or partial cystectomy (a surgical removal of the bladder) along with systemic chemotherapy to remove the cancer.

Stage III

The tumor has spread to the abdominal wall and possibly the reproductive organs. Chemotherapy to kill some of the cancer before or after a cystectomy is the usual treatment for this stage.

Stage IV

The cancer has spread to the abdominal wall, nearby lymph nodes, or other distant areas of the body. Generally, surgery is not a treatment option for Stage IV bladder cancer. Instead, your doctor will choose chemotherapy with or without radiation to alleviate symptoms and slow the cancer’s growth.

Bladder Cancer Staging & Treatment at Dignity Health Southern California

Treatment is directly related to the stage of the bladder cancer. Our options for bladder cancer treatment at Dignity Health Southern California hospitals include surgery and drug therapy. Early stages of bladder cancer are usually easier to cure, so prevention and early detection is key to a timely cure. No matter the stage, our doctors care for your physical and mental needs throughout the diagnosis and treatment process.

Dignity Health provides compassionate care for people living with all stages of bladder cancer in Southern California.