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Explore Bladder Cancer Prevention in Southern California

Bladder cancer can be preventable with the proper attention and care. Although there is no certain way to prevent cancer of the bladder, you can lower your risk for developing the disease.

At Dignity Health Southern California hospitals, doctors and staff offer tips and care to help prevent bladder cancer in Southern California. Find a Doctor today to learn how you can reduce your risk. Our team of experts is dedicated to your well-being and comprehensive care. 

Risk Factors for Bladder Cancer

Some of the risk factors for bladder cancer are uncontrollable, while other factors are directly related to poor lifestyle habits. Not drinking enough fluids and smoking contribute to developing bladder cancer. In fact, smoking is responsible for nearly half of bladder cancer occurrences in the US. 

Other risk factors include:

  • Exposure to chemicals in rubber, plastics, paints, and dyes
  • Previous pelvic radiation therapy
  • Previous chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan)
  • Age — 90 percent of bladder cancers occur in people 55 and older
  • Family history of bladder cancer
  • Gene mutations and genetic conditions
  • Male gender — men are three to four times more likely to develop bladder cancer
  • Caucasians are twice as likely to develop the disease
  • Frequent or chronic urinary tract infections

Lowering Your Risk for Bladder Cancer

Unlike some other forms of cancer, there are no screening exams to find bladder cancer before symptoms appear. The best way to lower your risk is through environmental and diet changes. Quitting smoking greatly reduces your risk. Drinking plenty of water and eating a bladder cancer prevention diet of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains can also lower the chances of getting bladder cancer. 

Helping to Prevent Bladder Cancer at Dignity Health Southern California

About half of all new cases of bladder cancer appear in early, treatable stages. As part of our cancer care services at Dignity Health Southern California hospitals, your doctor can diagnose, treat, and help with bladder cancer recurrence prevention. Regularly visit your doctor and report any symptoms, such as bladder changes, to help catch bladder cancer before it advances.

Dedicated doctors at Dignity Health Southern California hospitals, with locations in Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, and San Bernardino help with the prevention of bladder cancer in Southern California.