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Diagnosing a Bicep Tendon Injury or Strain in Southern California

Your bicep is the muscle located on the front of your upper arm. Two tendons — one at the top and one at the bottom of the bicep — attach the bicep to the shoulder and to the elbow. Tendons are made up of thick, connective tissue that allows muscles to move joints. If a tendon is damaged, it can make it painful or difficult to move your arm.

At Dignity Health Southern California, our orthopedic doctors offer the latest therapies and procedures to treat bicep tendon strains or tears. To learn more about treatment for a bicep strain in Southern California, use our online search tool and Find a Doctor who’s right for you.

Symptoms of a Torn or Strained Bicep

Primary symptoms of an injury to the upper bicep tendon can include: 

  • Mild tenderness or pain at the front of the shoulder
  • Sharp pain in the upper arm and shoulder
  • Popping sound or sensation in the shoulder
  • Bruising from the middle arm of the upper arm down to the elbow
  • Cramping of the biceps muscle during strenuous arm activity
  • Weakness in the elbow or shoulder 

To receive a professional diagnosis of bicep tear symptoms, visit one of these Southern California hospitals:

Our doctors utilize the latest imaging tests to deliver an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment.

Causes of Bicep Injury

A common cause of bicep tendon injury is overuse or repetitive motions. Conditions resulting from overuse include tendonitis and bicep tears. Falling on an outstretched arm or overloading the muscle by curling too much weight with a dumbbell can cause a bicep strain or tear. With age, the tendons in our bodies weaken and become less flexible. This makes them more susceptible to injury.

Treating a Bicep Strain or Tear at Dignity Health Southern California

Milder bicep strains can often be treated with rest, ice, and over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medicines. Chronic conditions may need physical therapy or injections of corticosteroids. For a bicep tear, your doctor may perform surgery to repair the tendon and prevent further damage to your arm. You may have physical therapy after surgery to support the healing process and build strength in your arm.

Talk to your doctor to create a personalized treatment plan and receive the care you need.

Dignity Health offers the latest nonsurgical therapies and minimally invasive procedures to treat a bicep injury in Southern California.