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Trusted Elbow Hyperextension Surgery in Southern California

Elbow hyperextension is when the elbow bends backward or overextends, stretching the joint beyond its limits. It can damage tissues in and around the joint, such as cartilage and ligaments. Hand surgeons and orthopedic surgeons use elbow hyperextension surgery to stabilize and repair damage to the elbow joint.

At Dignity Health Southern California, our orthopedic surgeons focus on relieving pain and restoring movement through our expertise in diagnostic, surgical, and rehabilitation care. When you come to one of our local hospitals, your care team may include board-certified doctors, therapists, and nurses, who prioritize your care and well-being.

Find a Doctor who specializes in elbow hyperextension surgery in Southern California today.

When Do Doctors Recommend Elbow Surgery for Hyperextension?

Elbow hyperextension injuries can cause weakness of the joint, discoloration, swelling, and pain. Numbness, tingling, and deformity may also occur in severe cases. Hyperextension injuries usually respond to rest, ice, compression, and immobilization. 

If conservative treatments don’t help, you may need surgery to restore joint stability and make repairs. Surgery is more common for injuries involving bone fractures or problems with ligaments or other tissues, such as nerves or blood vessels. 

For recurring hyperextension, surgery also may be a treatment. Some people naturally have more looseness in their ligaments than others. Having loose ligaments means your joints are more mobile, making hyperextension injuries are more likely.

What to Expect During Surgery for Elbow Hyperextension Treatment

Your elbow surgery for hyperextension will take place in a Dignity Health Southern California hospital. Talk to your doctor about the possible benefits of open elbow surgery and minimally invasive elbow arthroscopy. Minimally invasive procedures typically involve less pain, faster recovery, and a lower risk of complications than open surgery.

Elbow Hyperextension Surgery Recovery at Dignity Health Southern California

You may or may not need to stay overnight in the hospital after your elbow hyperextension surgery. Minimally invasive procedures are more likely to be performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home the same day. Your surgeon or physical therapist will tell you when it is safe to return to your normal activities.

Wearing an elbow splint and going to physical therapy can help speed the recovery process. However, full recovery can take several weeks to months. Stabilizing devices may help prevent future hyperextension injuries.

To learn more about treatment options for your elbow hyperextension, speak with one our trusted doctors today.

Dignity Health provides minimally invasive and open elbow hyperextension surgery in Southern California.