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Specialty Spine Surgery in Southern California

Spine surgery is a common treatment for back pain, numbness of the limbs, and limited mobility. Trained surgeons at Dignity Health Southern California perform operations of the spine to correct structural abnormalities, such as narrowing of the spine or bulging discs. 

Our board-certified doctors are experienced in minimally invasive procedures and advanced spinal treatments. Use our online Find a Doctor tool to locate an expert who can perform dependable spine surgery in Southern California.

Back Pain Treatment at Dignity Health Southern California

Orthopedic services at our hospitals is equipped with advanced technology to perform the following procedures:

From relieving arthritis-related complications to treating a back injury after trauma, Dignity Health Southern California provides services for people needing relief from spine damage.

What to Expect from Scoliosis Surgery & Spine Operations

Depending on the type of procedure, spine surgery can be a traditional open surgery or a minimally invasive procedure. The operation may last two to four hours and require you to stay overnight in our hospital.

During back surgery, your Dignity Health Southern California surgeon will place screws, pins, cages, or artificial discs to support your spine. These may have to stay in your back permanently. General anesthesia will prevent you from experiencing pain during the operation.

As with all surgical operations, spine surgery comes with inherent risks. Your doctor will let you know about the risks and benefits.

Recovery After Spine Treatment

Complete recovery after spine surgery can take several months. During this time, you may need to wear a back brace to stabilize your spine while it heals. Your doctor may suggest limiting your activity, but recommend that you walk frequently. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are also common after a back operation. After surgery, you’ll get all the information you need for a quick recovery that’s free of complications.

Trust your orthopedic team at Dignity Health Southern California for complete care before and after spine surgery.

Experts at Dignity Health use modern surgical technology for back pain treatment in Southern California.