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St. Joseph's Surgery Residency Program

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona has a longstanding history in surgical education. We have had a unique opportunity to design our general surgery residency program specifically for education needs. The surgical training on our campus is an important step in the advancement of general surgery in Phoenix and to train surgeons of the future.

Comprehensive Surgery Training

St. Joseph's general surgery residency program has 11 full-time general surgical teaching faculty members, and a significant portion of their duties include resident and staff teaching.

The surgery faculty has expertise in multiple aspects of general surgery including: trauma, surgical critical care, oncology, endocrine, vascular surgery and transplantation. Several individuals have additional expertise in advanced laparoscopy. The service utilizes six physician assistants.

Over 3,200 general surgical procedures are performed at St. Joseph's annually (58% inpatient; 42% outpatient).

In addition, St. Joseph’s has developed a surgical simulation laboratory, has an ongoing surgical/trauma research laboratory studying systemic inflammation and has dedicated itself to becoming an academic medical center to promote faculty development.

We have three categorical positions, two non-designated preliminary positions, and four designated preliminary positions (Neurosurgery).

Surgery Residency Program Goal

The goal of the general surgery residency program is to cultivate successful leaders in surgery whether academics, sub specialty, rural or other private practice.

The program is patient-centered, striving to achieve the highest surgical quality by providing care that is appropriate, timely, affective and compassionate. Providing each resident with a rich education experience in a variety of clinical settings contributes to making our residents some of the best surgeons in the country.

Learn More About St. Joseph's General Surgery Residency Program

To learn more about surgical training at St. Joseph's, e-mail [email protected].