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Heart Failure Services

Every patient who comes to the Center for Advanced Heart Failure receives personalized evaluation and treatment based on their stage of heart failure. 

Diagnostic Capabilities

We offer a full range of diagnostic testing for patients with heart failure, and then provide varying treatments including medical management, monitoring, interventional management (including implantable devices), and more.

Medical Management of Heart Failure

The Center for Advanced Heart Failure physicians makes sure that patients are taking the guideline directed medical therapy medications needed to prevent the disease from progressing (and even in special cases help with recovery of function), keep patients out of the hospital, and reduce death. Our team of experienced nurses, dietitians and cardiac rehabilitation team counsels’ patients on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to help patients maintain quality of life and reduce symptoms.

Monitoring From a Distance

The team is able to monitor patients who require more intensive monitoring away from hospital/clinics using devices such as the CardioMEMS Heart Failure system. This small implanted device helps clinicians to manage the patients as outpatients and help adjust medical therapy so as to prevent the need for hospitalization.

Implantable Device Management of Heart Failure

Patients with advanced heart failure with low systolic function (low ejection fraction) may benefit from the use of implantable devices such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD)s may be used to prevent life-threatening arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) and to reduce the risk of death. Another type of therapy utilized is cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) with biventricular pacemakers. This can restore synchrony in heart pumping in order to improve heart function and quality of life.

Interventional Management of Heart Disease in Patients with Heart Failure

The Center for Advanced Heart Failure team includes structural interventionalists work closely with heart failure-focused cardiologists and surgeons to provide non-surgical treatments for complex, high risk coronary artery disease interventions. Some of the treatments we employ include:

  • MitraClip and TMVR
  • TAVR, for patients with moderate to high risk of heart failure
  • Utilizing Impella/IABP support
  • Tricuspid valve repair (clinical trial)

Home Inotrope Therapy

We offer continuous inotrope support at home as part of therapy for advanced end stage heart failure in cardiogenic shock/low output states as:

  • Bridge to surgical therapies like durable MCS support including LVAD
  • Bridge to surgical therapies like heart transplantation

Surgical Management of Heart Failure

Surgical management involves a wide range of procedures from high-risk conventional surgeries including mechanical circulatory support (MCS). Other surgeries include:

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