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Types Of Imaging Offered At St. Joseph's

St. Joseph's diagnostic radiologists are some of the most respected in the region, and they practice using sophisticated techniques and advanced technologies to provide all our patients the level of care they need and deserve.

In our outpatient radiology clinic, our board-certified physicians and staff provide local doctors and their patients with one-stop shopping. With the multitude of modalities offered, a patient can have a variety of tests performed in a single visit, with images read by experts, and results expedited in an efficient manner.

Our status as a teaching hospital and our affiliation with Barrow Neurological Institutes allows our radiologists to seek new ways to use radiology imaging to diagnose and treat complex disorders.

Technology has allowed us to convert almost completely to filmless radiology imaging, with the exception of a few tests. Digital imaging can dramatically decrease the amount of radioactive exposure to the patient. Our radiologist and the patient's referring physicians can both have access to the image for review within minutes, either on-site or through the PACS system.

We offer many types of imaging services. Which radiology procedure is used depends on your condition, and what the physician is hoping to find. Learn more about our many services: