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Cancer Rehabilitation At St. Joseph's

Many cancers may cause physical or neurological impairments that may benefit from therapy. St. Joseph’s cancer rehabilitation services include:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may help inpatients and outpatients with certain cancers maintain or improve mobility, strength and balance issues. Physical therapy is also an integral part of successful recovery after cancer-related surgery.

Speech Therapy

Many cancers, especially neurological cancers and cancers of the head and neck, can affect speech.  St. Joseph’s speech therapists work with inpatients and outpatients to help improve their ability to swallow and to communicate effectively, including voice, language and fluency.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on patient independence with personal care, activities of daily living, and environmental adaptation.

Learn More About Cancer Rehab At St. Joseph’s

For more information about our many therapies for cancer, call Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at (602) 406-3230.