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Other Conditions Treated

St. Joseph’s rehabilitation therapists are highly qualified to treat a variety of medical conditions in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.

Our therapy team provides skilled services to individuals with conditions related to infections, trauma, cancer, amputation, as well as prolonged medical illness. We collaborate with physicians, nurses and other medical staff to establish rehabilitation programs that address each individual’s unique needs with the goal of stabilizing or improving the functional abilities of each patient. Therapists also make recommendations for special equipment or additional services that patients can use at home.

Specialized Rehab Services

In addition to general rehab and physical therapy services, St. Joseph's provides specialized care for:

Amputees are cared for in the acute and outpatient setting, where therapists work with patients on wound care, mobility, gait training, prosthetics and activities of daily living.  

Outpatient Bariatric Aquatic Program
Therapists provide education and therapeutic programming to bariatric patients to assist the medical team in preparing patients for surgical interventions.

Rehab therapists assist cardiothoracic patients in establishing a physical therapy exercise program that will help improve heart function and endurance.  

Learn More About Rehab Services At St. Joseph’s

For more information about how St. Joseph’s rehab can help you, call Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at (602) 406-3230.