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Feel Supported in Your Fight Against Cancer at Dignity Health

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be life changing. It brings with it a variety of concerns and challenges. Cancer resources help people with cancer and their families cope with the disease and all of its outcomes and effects. And, there are as many resources as there are needs.

At Dignity Health, we provide a range of cancer resources in Arizona, offering compassionate care in a variety of ways. Some of our more common cancer resources are listed below.

Survivorship Program

Cancer survivorship focuses on helping people live life to the fullest after active cancer treatment. This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual support for as long as you need it. Members of our cancer survivorship team at Dignity Health include doctors, nurses, counselors, dietitians, physical therapists, and social workers. You may also see specialists who provide follow up for your specific cancer.

Our survivorship program allows us to design unique programs to meet your specific needs. The number of services and the length of time you need them will vary. Your care coordinator will help you develop and maintain your own survivorship plan.


Cancer counseling helps people to work through their feelings and emotions surrounding cancer and its treatment. It allows people to express their hopes and fears in healthy ways. It provides another perspective from outside their daily life. At Dignity Health, our cancer counseling includes psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists, and specialized social workers.

Pain Management

Cancer pain management focuses on treating and managing pain related to cancer and its treatment. This includes both the physical and mental aspects of pain management. Such support is delivered with a team approach using doctors, nurses, counselors, integrative medicine providers, and rehabilitation specialists. 

Find a Doctor online or call (602) 406-8222 to learn more about our cancer clinic and the many ways we provide support for cancer patients.

From counseling to survivorship, Dignity Health offers a range of cancer resources in Arizona.