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Getting Support Through Cancer Survivorship Programs in Arizona

Cancer survivorship focuses on helping people live life to the fullest after cancer treatment. This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual support for as long as you need it.

The Supportive Care and Survivorship Program at the Dignity Health – Cancer Institute at St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center is dedicated to improving a cancer survivor’s quality of life through ongoing specialized care. If you are interested in our cancer survivorship care program in Arizona, call (602) 406-8222.

Reasons for Cancer Survivorship Programs

The end of cancer treatment is a milestone. It marks a major life transition that can create many emotions. Each person reacts differently with unique hopes, fears, and coping strategies. A cancer survivorship program can help you: 

  • Get support from other cancer survivors and health care providers
  • Learn to live life with uncertainty
  • Manage health problems that occur from cancer or cancer treatment
  • Stay positive
  • Understand and manage your “new normal”

What Cancer Survivorship Programs Offer

Cancer survivorship programs typically offer the following services:

  • Emotional, psychological, and spiritual counseling, including individual and family, to help you manage stress, emotions, and anxiety after treatment
  • Exercise consultations and rehabilitation to help you safely and effectively regain strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance
  • Fertility counseling to help you start or expand your family after treatment
  • Genetic testing to assess the risk of passing on hereditary cancers
  • Integrative medical care, including massage, meditation, visualization, and other sensory therapies
  • Nutrition counseling and therapy to address changes after treatment such as weight gain or loss, changes in taste, and digestive problems
  • Pain management and palliative care to help you manage pain and discomfort that may continue after treatment
  • Regular physical screening exams and surveillance to prevent and detect post-treatment complications and cancer recurrence
  • Seminars and workshops to address post-treatment issues such as health insurance concerns, keeping care records, employment rights, financial management, and advocacy
  • Sexual health programs to address changes in sexuality due to cancer and cancer treatments
  • Skin care and dermatology services to manage changes in your appearance or skin due to cancer or cancer treatments
  • Tobacco cessation to help you stop smoking or use smokeless tobacco to decrease your risk of a second cancer or of cancer returning

The Cancer Survivorship Program at Dignity Health

Our team of cancer care specialists is dedicated to the health and well-being of patients before, during, and after cancer treatment. They are trained to identify needs that cancer patients may not have yet recognized. Cancer survivorship programs design a unique strategy to meet each person’s needs. The number of services and the length of time you need them will vary. You may also find that your needs change with time. Your care coordinator will help you develop and maintain your own survivorship plan.

Dignity Health is dedicated to helping cancer patients find comfort through our cancer survivorship program in Arizona.